Zoinkie Soft Spotted Pig

Zoinkie Soft Spotted Pig

It?s a sunny day down at the farm and Zoinkie the Soft Spotted Pig stuffed animal has found a new mud wallow! What better way to while away the day than in a puddle of mud with a good friend? Our appealing plush piglet features ultra soft materials that boast an attractive gray spotted pattern. His oversized ears and large, amber colored eyes create a lovable appearance, while pink cloven hooves and a squiggly tail add detail and charm. Gently weighted feet and only the silkiest polyester fill ensure Zoinkie to be among the best when it comes to squeezably soft and floppy farm friends. There?s room for more at Zoinkie?s new mud puddle, dive in and spend your day with our friendly Spotted Pig plush!

Weight6.4 oz
Dimensions8 ? 7 ? 8 in
24 Months & Up

9″ Long

(23 cm)


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