Shelba German Shepherd

Shelba German Shepherd

There?s no puppy quite like a German Shepherd puppy! These adorable dogs seem particularly good at running off with your heart and never giving it back! We?ve captured this charm in our plush German Shepherd pup, Sheba. With her fluffy puppy paws and endearing tipped over ears, her design abounds with irresistible cuteness. Cuddly black and tan plush fur with realistic markings and warm, brown eyes, makes Sheba a lifelike rendition of this popular breed that will win herself a place in the hearts of dog lovers. Easy to train and happy to follow you around wherever you go, Sheba the German Shepherd stuffed animal is an easy to love bundle of fun!

Weight2.9 oz
Dimensions4 ? 7 ? 3 in
24 Months & Up

8″ Long

(20 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size


German Shepherd

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